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Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Washington, D.C.

Why Choose us for your Auto Air Conditioning Repair?

Air conditioning does more than just cool your car in the hot summer months. It pulls moisture from the air inside your car during humid, rainy weather and helps your car’s heater defrost your windows in the frosty winter months. The air conditioning system in your car loses about 5% of its efficiency every year, so even in normal conditions, it will slowly become less effective.

For knowledgeable, reliable auto air conditioning repairs in Fairfax County, trust your car to the experienced staff of 10th Street Automotive. We provide the best customer service while remaining on the cutting edge of A/C repair technology, so you always get what you pay for.

Experienced and professional technicians

Our technicians are professionals with years of experience and are ASE-Certified. They perform A/C repairs on domestic models like Dodge and Ford and foreign models like Toyota and Mercedes. They are approachable and will answer any questions you have about your auto air conditioning repair.

Chevrolet Repair in Washington, D.C.

Thorough auto air conditioning inspections for accurate diagnosis

We perform a thorough inspection on every auto air conditioning repair, from the cabin air filter to the compressor and condenser, so we can pinpoint the exact cause of your A/C issues. Whether you need a new receiver drier or your evaporator is plugged, we will find it quickly and easily.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

Once we’ve found the cause of your A/C concern, we communicate that information to you completely and truthfully, going over details of any repairs you are uncertain about so you can be confident in our diagnosis.

No-pressure air conditioning repair recommendations

We will recommend the most important repairs to you clearly but will never pressure you into repairs.

Auto air conditioning repairs performed with quality parts

For reliable, long-lasting A/C repairs, we only use high-quality aftermarket or OEM parts including compressors, lines, and expansion valves.

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  • Affordable Dealership Alternative
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Dedicated to a Great Customer Experience
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service
  • Loaner Vehicles available
  • Free ‘Nielsen Now’ Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service
  • Authorized Jasper Distributor
  • AAA Accredited Business
  • Approved Tech-Net Professional Service Center
  • Verified by Angie’s List
  • Quality OEM and aftermarket parts

For your auto repair needs in Washington, D.C., see the experts at 10th Street Automotive. Use the online appointment booking form to schedule your appointment today.

The Perks of Going Paperless

We utilize a digital inspection software for your benefit!

  • Stay informed of your vehicle's status every step of the way
  • We take photos of your vehicle so you can see what we see
  • Faster workflow allows our service advisors to focus on YOU
  • Future recommendations are easy to understand in terms of urgency
  • Communication via text, e-mail, phone, whatever you prefer
  • Detailed inspection reports are delivered to your e-mail inbox

Everyone I dealt with was helpful, responsive, and informative. The shop was well-run and efficient. It even worked me in on a completely unexpected problem 2 days before Thanksgiving when I am sure they were completely jammed. The cost was reasonable and I could not be happier with the result. They earned themselves a new regular customer because I will be going back for all my regular service needs as well as any major difficulties with the vehicle.

- Craig M.

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For dependable, accurate Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Washington D.C., Alexandria and Arlington, visit the experts at Ben Nielsen’s 10th Street Automotive. Call us or use the easy online appointment service to book your appointment today.